2021 - How was it?

January 27, 2022

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Sami Ruotsalainen

To put it simply, 2021 was a good one for us in New Things Co. I’m sure many of us would have liked to see the Covid situation get better faster than it eventually did, to allow us to get back on track with our trips and other community events. But even if we couldn’t take the whole team out somewhere to sail or otherwise enjoy being together, we could at least keep our office open the whole year and this way allow our team to spend some time together. With all the safety measures in mind, naturally.

Looking at the numbers, we did outstanding in 2021 on our most important measures. In the year 2021...

...people are in general really happy according to our weekly measurements and the happiness is rising

…internal project NPS tells us that our peeps also enjoying the projects they are working with, 

…and we had zero churn in our team

So people are happy, and they are in projects where they learn and do meaningful work.

On the more traditional numbers, revenues were almost 40% up and there are currently 36 peeps working in our client cases.

However, it is not the short-term things one should look at when considering if a year was a success or not. It is the bigger, long-term projects that drive the company and its people further.

Major projects in 2021

During 2021 we had a few major projects that will have a huge effect on both New Things, as well as our peeps in here. The three things that happened last year, that at least I'm most excited, are:

1) People development

We put a lot of effort to start building a solid framework that will push the career and competence development of our team forward. This framework will be the key to developing our peeps to be the next digital leaders and CTOs of the market. And it is the key to helping our clients to win when building their digital development competencies forward.

2) 1+3 strategy

Succeeding in digital product development is not only a technology issue, but it is, even more, an organizational, business & human issue. We know this, and it seems that quite many of our clients have also started to notice this. We got good traction with our new strategy and it hits the big trend of all organizations building their capabilities.

3) Witted Megacorp

Starting a new era in the co-operation of New Things, Mavericks and Talented was maybe the most important endeavour that was done in 2021. Through this coupling of our businesses, we get the benefits of being a big company without losing our smaller community identity and feeling. As a group, we are strong and ready to respond to the new demands of the IT market. And it gives us new opportunities for the future, such as exploring the possibility of listing on the First North marketplace as mentioned earlier! If this is not exciting, then what is! These are truly somethings that will give us solid ground to jump into 2022 and sail our NTC boat even faster. This year we are planning to not only grow our current team but also expand the capabilities to strengthen our position as digital product development professionals and digital development partners for our clients. And also look beyond the Finnish borders to explore international opportunities.

If all this sounds like you would like to be part of this, check out our open positions!

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