How about onboarding in Greece?

July 15, 2022

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Laura Toropainen

We are so excited that it’s again possible to travel!

This year, we are going to Greece, to the beautiful island of Crete.

We will also be taking with us every new employee who signs with us before September for a very unique onboarding process! 

Take-off is 23rd September 2022.

You, our potential next team member, are also invited. Let us know if you can make it!

You only need to sign a contract with us before September, no matter your start date.

Why do we travel as a company? 

There are two major reasons why we travel together. 

  1. Our community weighs more than gold. We put effort and resources into building a warm community for our people to bring value to work life. For us, people must know each other and feel at home at New Things. This is why we have a fabulous office with a Sauna lounge, why we organize countless community events, and also why we travel together. 

  2. It’s in our strategy We go for projects where we can build new things from scratch. These Greenfield projects are quite often challenging, interesting, and require seamless teamwork. For teamwork, it’s essential that people know each other, trust each other and feel safe around each other. Team building in relaxed environments is one of the most efficient ways to build these elements. Enter Greece. 

What happens during the trip?

While we haven’t finalized the plans quite yet it’s safe to say there will be fantastic food, amazing scenery, and fun activities in a great group. 

Options at the moment include

  • A winery tour

  • A boat trip

  • Water sports

  • Touring ruins

  • A pool party

  • Visiting local sites

The company covers the whole weekend so you can just show up and enjoy yourself.

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