Our First Customer Survey

August 26, 2020

Oliver Lillie. Senior Developer and Designer @ New Things Co.

Oliver Lillie

Recently we wanted to be sure that we are doing the best we can for our clients and we decided to use a Net Promoter Score [NPS] survey. This was the first time in 3 years since New Things was formed that we made a plan to collect data on how our clients like to work with us.

To be impartial to both our clients and team members we made sure that the results we received were anonymous so that our clients could feel free to be as honest as they wanted.

First - what is NPS

For those who do not know NPS results are based on a small algorithm that determines how a respondent rates the company for the given question. The respondents give feedback in value from 0 - 10. 0 is not at all likely and 10 being extremely likely.

Those who submit a 9 or 10 are considered “promoters”, 7 or 8 are considered “passives”, and 0–6 are considered “detractors.”.

What is a NPS score?

The NPS for a group of respondents is defined as the percentage of respondents who are promoters minus the percentage of respondents who are detractors.

> NPS = Total percentage who are promoters - Total percentage who are detractors

The resulting NPS is then split into ranges. It seems weird at first but an NPS result of 0 is actually classed as good. Take a look below.

For our survey we asked....

“How likely would you recommend New Things Co to your friend or colleague?”

Well, alright,... but what about the result?

Our NPS result is 73 - which in our opinion is pretty freaking sweet and we are really happy. It means that all of our people are highly valued by our clients and they love to work with us as much as we love to work with them.

The lowest rating we got was 8 out of 10 from clients. Of course, since the score is not a round 100 we can obviously still improve - but for our first survey, we are super chuffed by this result and are seriously proud of everyone [and should probably consider a round of pay raises].

Final word

As well as the NPS questions we also asked for some feedback on how our clients think of our people. Here are some of the key highlights.

“I have been very happy with the employees at NTC both as professionals and as co-workers. The whole company and its employees radiate customer-centricity and positiveness.”

“All of the consultants we have gotten from NTC are top-notch pros and my image is that the standard is high across the board.”

“Professional consultants and well-working cooperation. They have kept all their promises. “

“Great service. Flexible and transparent conversation. Price/quality is just right.”

“No criticisms. Keep up the good work!”

“Very good quality work both in design and development. The staff is very helpful, even though they are super busy they remind you that help is available and you can ask for help whenever”

Are you impressed?

If you are interested in working with our lovely bunch, either as a client or a colleague, drop us a message and let’s talk.

About the author

Oliver Lillie

Senior Developer and Designer of Shiny New Things

I have two young boys, and since they were born, most of my hobbies went out the window. But if you can’t find me on my computer, you can either find me eating an insane amount of chilli, on my bike or in my canoe.