Considering New Things?

About us

New Things in a nutshell

New Things Co is a software consultancy built by its people for its people. 

We are a technology independent and experienced group of curious developers and designers who make digital products from scratch.  

Our mission is simple: we want to be the best at helping clients build new digital things. 

Greenfield projects

We go for Greenfield projects avoiding that pesky legacy. Not all projects can be the dream project, but we are constantly working hard to get there, and we are already seeing the results. At the moment of writing this 60% of our projects are greenfield.

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes and from different industries, but we really shine with clients who need help leveling up their digital game from scratch. You can peek at some of our cases here.

Sales of New Things

Our consultants see all sales leads from the moment they arrive and get to be involved in the sales process as much as they feel comfortable with. By doing this we make sure everyone ends up in a project of their choosing, doing the things that interest them specifically.

What our ex-employees say about us

“NTC is a company that walks the talk, working with interesting, cutting edge projects. That may be true of many companies, but few can couple it with a deeply principled, empathetic group of people that approach each project with care, attention, and a bucket load of awesomeness. If you have the chance to work there you will learn more than you ever imagined, and get the opportunity to try things you never even dreamed of.”

- Mike Fynes, Lead Developer

“New Things Company really delivers the values of being a caring and emphatic employer and I would not have wanted to be in any other company a delicate and turbulent time of my life.”

- Anonymous, Senior Software Developer


Customize your career

At New Things you have the freedom to choose. Choose what you work on, who you work with and what you are learning. Our back office team is there to support and help you so you can focus on becoming your future vision of yourself. 

Community of Thingies 

People at New Things Co are competent, experienced and extremely lovable. We have lunch together almost every day, have sauna together almost every Friday and frequently organize events that are designed to bring the community closer together. 

Experimental mindset

We’re only human. So there must be a better way. Therefore we question the obvious, explore the gray areas, and experiment and test our hypotheses. That’s how we and our customers learn something new every day.



Empathy is in the fabric of our culture and it shows in the way we communicate with each other and with our clients. We genuinely care about our people and our clients. 


We are always looking to learn, experiment and improve. Our peeps have very high standards when it comes to the quality of our work and a high sense of curiosity about the world.


Our flat hierarchy would not work without transparency. We make sure every Thingie has all information necessary for making decisions. 


Fixed salary and bonuses

Our salary range is loosely 4000-7000€/month + quarterly bonus

Why fixed, when you can make more with other models? We aim at a charging rate of 85% so that people have time to focus on other things, not just their daily project. Read more about our salary model from this article: Why fixed salaries work for New Things.


As a Thingie you will have access to trainings together with your team members and individually. We have an extensive training package and budget you can utilize to level up your game. We organize courses that are designed to help consultants grow essential work and life skills, such as people skills, process skills and business understanding. 


Our people rate our office as a big benefit. A range of personal events have been hosted at our office from bachelorette parties to kids’ birthdays and graduations. Especially during remote times having a hangout in a central location with a sauna and all kinds of activities (karaoke, band instruments, boardgames, BBQ and so much more) has been massively valuable for New Thingies.


1. Contact

Shoot us a message through our contact form or contact anyone from our team.

2. Intro meeting

An informal meeting with two Thingies. The agenda is purely getting to know each other. We’re interested to hear about your background and plans for the future. We’ll answer any of your questions.

3. Show us your work

We’ll ask to see something you have made. This can be a hobby project that you have been working on or something professional. We don’t mind, as long as you feel it represents your skills. For developers this means seeing some of your code, for designers a portfolio.

Here's our optional developer take-home-task, feel free to take a looksie or even complete the mission - we are always happy to see what people come up with!

4. In-depth meeting

The discussion will be centred around your work you sent us earlier, our team members will ask you questions around your project and answer all of your questions. This is a chance to meet your future team mates and get a feel for the kind of people we are.

5. Offer

The offer.