Lead Developer of New Things: Project Givsly

We’re looking for an experienced Software Developer to join our company and take over the lead role in one of our most interesting and impactful projects - a digital service called Givsly. 

The Project

Givsly is a New York- and Finland -based company, formed from the belief that professionals can do business while doing good. By utilizing Givsly's suite of services, companies and their employees are able to help different nonprofit causes and the community around them, while connecting and meeting with other professionals for business purposes.

Launched in 2019, Givsly presently has members from more than 250 companies and has connected 200 nonprofits to the platform to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for various causes in 2020. The aim for 2021 is not only to grow Givsly itself as a company, but to generate a Million dollars to help nonprofits in various fields.

You can check out the service as it is today on and also read more about the company there.

Technology & experience

React, Redux, NodeJS, Heroku, Python, Sharetribe, HTML, CSS are current main technologies utilized for Givsly's platform.

Experience with cloud service infrastructure and associated tools as well as with digital marketplaces, marketing CRM systems or data platforms are all highly valued.

If you have also previously taken active part in creating or improving software development, testing and release processes that work for a growing company we also love you already! Commenting on the project, our team members who have worked on Givsly so far say:

"The best thing about this project is being a part of a new platform at an early stage like this, and helping to shape it into something successful that the Givsly users love. You can have a big impact on how things can be done right from the start and touch a variety of areas (frontend, backend, infrastructure, data alalytics, even ML) of the project"

Other relevant information about the project:

  • This position offers a rare chance to work on enabling the technology for a service that concretely does good every single day - you are not just building yet another big corporate system.  

  • This is a project with longer term perspective beyond just a few weeks or months so you can focus on building and growth.

  • The team has been building a lot of fundamentals but is looking to introduce new ideas and supporting technology infrastructure in 2021 so there are interesting nuts to crack ahead.

  • We are looking for seasoned people who love to both take on a leadership technical role and formulate the big picture together with the product & business team (~25%) as well as love to dive in into hands-on development work (75%).

  • We highly appreciate your insight and input in how to grow and groom software & service development in a growing company.

  • Since the client's product & business team is mostly in New York (a 7h difference w Finland) the the communication is time-zone shifted towards afternoons, so if you enjoy a more flexible schedule of when you work most productively, this could be just your thing.

  • Your physical location is less relevant - we are happy to have you at our offices in Helsinki on occasion (or all the time if you want!), but there is also opportunity to work more time remotely - and post-pandemic to visit the US Givsly team as well. 

  • This team is a fun-loving bunch and frequent communication is highly valued despite the distance - we work in English mostly, although the business and design team also have Finnish speaking members.

Who we are

New Things Co was founded in 2017 together with our friends from Reaktor. Currently we have a team of 20 people, both developers and designers all of whom are multitalented generalists with their individual areas of focus. We’re united by our common passion for learning new things and building meaningful digital products.

We live by three core values, Empathy, Curiosity and Transparency. Our values show in the way we communicate and treat others around us. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace and company culture. 

Check out what we’re up to on Instagram: New Things Co Instagram

Check out a closer description about working at New Things Co from this career posting

Our process

Our process is flexible and streamlined. This is how the whole process usually looks like:

  1. Coffees or teas at our HQ: First we invite you to an informal meeting usually with Laura and Sami, our back office team for an informal “1st date”- type of situation. Remote option is available.

  2. We ask to see some code you have made: This can be a hobby project that you have been working on or something professional. We don’t mind, as long as you feel it represents your skills. We also have a home assignment you can take a stab at.

  3. Technical interview: This is a great chance to meet the future teammates and ask them all about tech stuff. They will be interested to go through the code you sent us earlier and ask you a bunch of more technical questions.

  4. Deliberation and offer

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Lead Developer of New Things: Project Givsly

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