Senior Software Developer of New Things

We’re looking for an experienced software developer to build a top-notch consultancy of the future.

The work

We choose our client projects with care, based on our team’s interests, so you’ll always be working on cases that interest you specifically. In our projects, you will work as part of a team with other talented developers and designers.

Our current projects can be roughly split into two categories:

  1. Global brands with impactful products.

  2. Smaller local companies, working on building something completely new and exciting with a team of New Things.

All our projects are built on modern web technologies using modern methods and tools. We tend to work closely with our clients on their premises, which are located in the Helsinki region and on Fridays we gather to our HQ.

Here’s an example of a project of ours Medium: Pimping up the Printmotor stores.

Our compensation package consists of the following:

  • Competitive fixed monthly salary

  • Chance to buy shares and become an owner

  • Perks that challenge even the most established of companies

We are looking for

  • Experience in developing web based products, functional programming, cloud platforms and distributed systems. We choose our technologies pragmatically for our client projects, always focusing on problems solving first.

  • Great team working skills; Sharing knowledge, helping others, learning from others, and asking for help when you need it.

  • Communication skills; treating others with respect and empathy.

  • An interest in being a part of building a consultancy of the 2020s. We also appreciate it if you have your own vision for the talent we need in the company for the future.

  • Fluent English and understanding of dad jokes.

  • Necessary permits to work in Finland.

Who we are

New Things Co was founded in 2017 together with our friends from Reaktor. Currently we have a team of 20 people, both developers and designers whom all are multitalented generalists with their individual areas of focus. We’re united by our common passion for learning new things and building meaningful digital products.

We live by three core values, Empathy, Curiosity and Transparency. Our values show in the way we communicate and treat others around us. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace and company culture.

Check out what we’re up to on Instagram: New Things Co Instagram

Where we are in 2020

We develop our company forward together and use OKRs to track our progress. Our ultimate goal is to grow to a mid-sized company while safekeeping our culture and values and our quality of work.

Our objectives for this year are:

Have a happy team

A happy consultant and a happy team are the best tools to solve exciting challenges. We track your happiness in your project every month by using our own “Happiness Tool” and take action if it drops.

Generate personal growth

This is what we are workshopping right now, because we see this extremely valuable. We have recognized two relevant tracks for us related to this topic: 1) What is your personal next goal and how to reach it 2) How do we share knowledge within the company and learn together.

Work in the best client projects

This goal is all about having you in the right project and you having other New Things Co peeps with you.

Grow the company efficiently without compromising quality

We have mixed feelings about growing. We want to have more talented and wonderful people in because it makes us happier and more capable. However, we want to make sure the match is right on both sides, because that is the only way growing makes sense. We want to control the pace of our growth to protect our beloved culture.

Be financially profitable

This is a business and being profitable makes it possible for us to keep our independence and our way of doing things. You can achieve this by not giving up the things above. That is how we want to do it, otherwise why bother.

If all of this sounds like you, send us a message and we’ll meet up and talk about your interests over a coffee or tea.

Our process

Our process is flexible and streamlined. As we are not looking for anyone for a specific project, we don’t have specific timelines or rush. However, we are able to turn the whole process around in 1-2 weeks if needed.

This is how our whole process usually looks like:

  1. Coffees or teas at our HQ: First we invite you to an informal meeting usually with Laura and Sami, our back office team for an informal “1st date”- type of situation.

  2. We ask to see some code you have made: This can be a hobby project that you have been working on or something professional. We don’t mind, as long as you feel it represents your skills. We also have a home assignment you can take a stab at.

  3. Technical interview: This is a great chance to meet the future teammates and ask them all about tech stuff. They will be interested to go through the code you sent us earlier and ask you a bunch of more technical questions.

  4. Deliberation and offer

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