White van with logo of Cervi.


Day to day operations and future development partner

Cervi is a responsible and proactive forerunner in ventilation. Their goal is to enable clean, energy efficient, smart air and replacement air to every home and property.

New Things Co has been responsible for Cervi’s fully customized IT solution since 2018.

Cervi workers working on an air conditioning device.

Facilitating growth

Cervi has been ahead of the growth curve from the beginning thanks to their fully customized operations IT solutions. This has enabled a remarkable pace of growth for Cervi.

We have continued facilitating the growth with our ownership of the IT solutions, scaling them according to the organization’s growing demands. We’ve verified and ensured the security of the platform and minimized downtime. By enhancing the codebase and optimizing ways of working we lead the development towards sustainable solution.

When facilitating growth we involved and coached the organisation for modern software development. Setting up a structure and process for development work assures the quality of the sustainable solution as well as the focus on actual defined key business goals. 

“New Things Co is a partner that leads you to growth by understanding the needs and challenges. Their team has skills to define and set up the development process and execute without a need to interfere.”

- Seppo Puhakainen / Development Manager, Cervi

Collaborative approach

To help our clients in the best way possible we make sure to understand the challenges and opportunities they are facing. When developing IT solutions for our client’s operations, we found it helpful to communicate openly with the people working closely with those operations. We want to hear what challenges they are have and how those are related to software as a tool for increasing efficiency and quality of work.

We build trust with managers, and show that a collaborative approach to design and development is the key to success. We offer our time and expertise not only for implementing software functionalities, but also for finding, validating, iterating and improving specifications.

Cervi workers working on an air conditioner unit.


Business: Technological robustness to enable scalability and minimise downtime

New Sales

Field service & Business: Detected problems reported directly to the system generates new orders

Streamlined allocations

Management: Automated view to project allocations without the need for manually maintaining excel sheets