"We wanted to deliver a good impact for our customer faster by onboarding a group of consultants and mixing them over time with current Wolt employees."

Régis Déau, Wolt, Engineering Director, Payments and Fintech

Wolt is a Finnish restaurant food and grocery delivery service that operates in more than 20 countries. Wolt has a large-scale software development operation with multiple internal teams, and constant digital development needs. To scale up their business, Wolt also needed to scale up their software development efforts.

New Things Co operated as Wolt’s flexible software development partner to help with digital development needs across different teams. During this cooperation, NTC provided extra developers for Wolt’s teams when they were short-handed or needed specialized skills, and took ownership of product development in areas where Wolt didn’t want to allocate its own people’s time.


Automated workflows for fetching business data from local registries


Various strong authentication mechanisms to pass due diligence checks


Features were rolled to 17 EEA countries

Support for urgent digital development needs

Due to Wolt's recently acquired payment institution license status, financial regulations mandated Wolt to start conducting due diligence checks on merchants that sell items via Wolt. To build workflows and services for this, a small team of New Things Co consultants  stepped in.

Experienced developers for needed specialized skills and ownership of product development in areas where Wolt didn't want to allocate its own people's time.

Close collaboration ensured a successful product handover

Wolt’s legal and compliance departments worked closely together with New Things Co consultants in order to build seamless workflows and services that allow the people acting on behalf of the merchants to pass both a KYC (Know Your Customer) check for the business owners and a KYB (Know Your Business) check for their business. The former was achieved by utilizing various strong authentication mechanisms, all via an aggregated provider (Signicat). The latter was enabled by automated fetching of business data from local registries and falling back to a manual solution whenever that was not possible.

During the year-long project, the whole KYC and KYB services were designed, developed, and rolled out to 17 EEA countries. What was started by a small team had grown into a large entity and after launching the first version, the project was internalized and handed over to Wolt like it was originally planned to.

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