New Things Co is a technology-independent and experienced group of 30+ curious developers and designers who make top-notch digital products to drive your business.


We ensure the digital product we build creates value for your business.


We boost the efficiency of the development process.


We share the knowledge of digital development with your organisation and build your development team together with you.


Our full-stack designers lead and deliver from the early goals and needs to validated user interfaces and continuous design in product teams.

  • Service design

  • UX/UI design

  • Continuous design in product teams


Our Senior Developers are technology independent and choose the best tools for each case. We ensure your future digital product fits your existing architecture.

  • Web Development

  • Mobile Development

  • DevOps

New Things

We think beyond the obvious and experiment with new things to be up to date with the cutting-edge technologies and to remain innovative and able to bring fresh ideas to the table.

  • New business

  • New ways of working

  • New technologies

  • New experiences

Stages to level up your growth with software

Stage 1

“We know what we want to achieve. Would a digital product help us to get there?” We brainstorm together with your management team in a workshop customized to your needs.

Stage 2

“We have a couple of new ideas. Which is the fastest way to drive our business?“

We validate the ideas from the business, process, and technical point of view with your business representatives to guide you on what kind of savings or new income can be achieved.

Stage 3

“We know which process needs improvement to reach our goals. What kind of budget do we need?”

We discuss with your Product Owner and Technical expert to get an estimated cost of your new digital product.

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How we elevate your software

We find out what creates value for your business.

Our Designer and Lead developer validate your digital product idea from business, user experience and technical perspective to make sure it drives your business.

Our experienced team takes full responsibility for your future digital product, from design to development.

Instead of mere code and design, we drive your digital maturity to the top. We help you create efficient development processes and an attractive environment for developers. As an end result, you’ll have the capability to grow your in-house development teams successfully.

Our individual experts help you maintain your new digital product through its lifecycle and secure business continuity.


Web-based application for managing Automated Guided Vehicle fleets

New Things Co team helped Navitec Systems, a company specialized in software production for Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV), to create a web-based application for tablet and mobile to visualize and manage AGV fleets.

  • The design driven iterative development process started with a design workshop to find the core needs of the end-users and the most efficient way to create a usable first version of the software. This was followed by the creation of wireframes and building visualization of AGVs.

  • Moreover, extensive knowledge sharing brought Navitec’s team up to speed on the latest best practices of modern web development and enabled them to take over the further development of the application.

Easy-to-use dive watch UI

Suunto dive computers and sports watches are used by professional athletes and sports enthusiasts around the world. New Things Co designer jumped to Suunto’s design team to help design the UI for the company’s first-ever dive watch with a color screen, Suunto 5D.

The new dive watch has won multiple awards, gained an impressive user satisfaction score and been a sales success. Suunto D5 is a cohesive product where digital and physical design blend effortlessly because it was specifically designed so. Read more about these cases and other new things we've done

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